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Natalie Ron

Natalie was born and raised in Manhattan’s Upper West Side.  As a child, she had more fun organizing shoes and their boxes at the local shop than in trying them on. Since then, she realized she had a unique knack for uncovering the order and simplicity behind a facade of chaos.

Natalie's family means everything to her. She studied dance for most of her life, therefore holds a deep love for physical movement and expression, which includes her ever evolving yoga practice (she's a certified Yoga Instructor). She's passionate about nutrition and overall wellness, which ties into everything that she does, especially in her approach to organizing. Her curiosity and fearlessness has led her to travel extensively (and many times solo) around the world, hitting 56 cities and 21 countries. Her thirst for learning about other countries, cultures and their people is never satisfied.

More than anything, she loves being a busy bee in NYC and is very excited to meet you and help you realize the potential of your space!