“Nursery come true.”

Natalie was able to make my vision come to life seamlessly, in the midst of stress and chaos. After having my baby shower, I was overwhelmed with all the clothes and gifts I received for my daughter. I had absolutely no idea where to start.  Natalie methodically organized my nursery with creativity, patience and finesse. She listened to my vision, made improvements where possible, and made the process very relaxing and enjoyable. The room turned out better than I could have ever imagined! The systems she put into place have made my life so much easier, now that the baby has arrived. Bonus - we had so much fun in the process! Natalie is a must have for anyone in need of organization within their home. 

— Jennifer L.

“Everything we wanted and more.”

The level of expertise and professionalism I experienced with Natalie is unparalleled. A calm and positive demeanor paired with her non-judgmental guidance was a winning combination that made a potentially embarrassing and emotional process exciting and incredibly refreshing. I feel like I got a jump start to my new phase in life!

— Chelsea P.

Where is the 6th star? Natalie is a gem, one of a kind.

She is not only a professional organizer but also a therapist without even knowing it. My wife and I have never have seen eye to eye on the topic of organization, cleaning, clutter so on...Natalie is able to cut through the non-sense and get the job done. We wanted to get involved with the process so we worked side by side with Natalie and by the end of the day we felt like we had gone through a spiritual, mental and physical cleanse. I thought this was just going to be a simple organization and clean out but Natalie's thoughtfulness led to much more than that. She communicated and asked a bunch of questions before the day to prepare the most effective outcome. Her rate is worth it, every penny. Waking up the next morning and going into the closet or the bathroom just felt much calmer and got my day started off on the right foot. 

If you have the budget and want it done above your expectations, hit up Natalie and don't think twice. You’re in good hands.

— Arek F.

"My closet never looked so good."

 Natalie helped me tackle my insanely cluttered closet in one day -  it had taken me years to accumulate all that stuff! I never had the courage to delve into it myself, but they gave me the confidence to get it going, and I am so grateful I did. 

Next up - our kitchen and pantry.

— Rebecca D.

"The quality of space you know you deserve."

Natalie will work with you, at your pace & at your side, to achieve the quality of space you know you deserve. I feel so much lighter, as if a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders, and more focused than I have been in a long time. Who knew a little organization could make such a difference?

— Jamie R.


My prayers have been answered.

The personal organizer Gods have sent me an angel named Natalie. After over a decade in my current home, I am moving. But as a procrastinator, I knew I couldn't be trusted to get it done myself. 
Natalie swooped in and rescued me from shelves and closets full of physical and emotional clutter. We have purged and packed a lot. And she is so enjoyable to spend time with, that it didn't feel like soul crushing task it could have been. She also loves being around my pets too who like to "help".
My life and belongings have been streamlined and are undergoing a major organization. Once I move into the new place I know she will help me set it up in an efficient and well designed way. I feel so relieved to have found the perfect person to help me through this huge undertaking.

— Tara G.